About 3d Chocolate Hub

Three years ago, my IT skills were just about limited to opening a laptop! I thought Facebook and Instagram were only for youngsters, spreadsheets were for accountants and websites were for designers and corporations. That has all changed!
Today, I support the region’s first 3d food and chocolate printing machines especially for you, ‘the home chefs’, with ‘mycusini®’ and, after that, maybe the big boys in the hotels and restaurants will get a sneak preview of the ‘procusini®’!!
How was this possible? Let me take you behind the scenes and share some of the highlights of my amazing journey.
It was in December 2017 when I first set my eyes on 3d Chocolates, on a frantic, last minute shop on Christmas Eve at home in Cork. I came across a stall in the English Market, piled high with probably over 100 3d chocolate oddities in all shapes and sizes ranging from spanners, nuts and bolts, handbags and golf clubs to ravioli, cheese, football boots, credit cards and USBs!
And yes, I did have that ‘lightbulb” moment!
My world back in Dubai, is a melting pot of some of the finest specialised chocolate brands, from all over the world. The idea of bringing 3d chocolate to Dubai, either for professionals or for domestic use, is not only new, but also exciting! With that in mind, you now have an opportunity to create your own 3d chocolate creations, whether it be for Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Birthdays, Mums and Dads days, Eid, Diwali and other special occasions for everyone!
During worldwide lockdown, our kitchens became our refuge, filled with hope and aspirations, bringing about a new wave of ‘culinary’ chefs, from six-year-olds to those into their later years, all cooking up a storm, hitting social media sites, proud to share their amazing creations. Now, you can add to your skills and bring a touch of ‘nouvelle cuisine’ to share with your family and friends.
And you don’t need IT skills!


Bringing together families, friends and strangers, with chocolate!

Unified under the one roof, 3dCH offers our customers a convenient, compelling and comprehensive shopping experience.
The region’s first and only specialised online store for all chocolate solutions will connect you to equipment for the home, chocolate makers, bakeries, hoteliers and anything else chocolate!
Our site will also provide solutions for corporate, wholesale, factory tie-ups, schools, and an online store for some of the Dubai’s wonderful premium chocolate brands, including new start-ups that do not already have an online presence!

What is the 3d Chocolate Hub?


To fire your imagination, hone your creativity, satisfy your desires, easily and accessibly for everyone!