Why do we have Easter Eggs?

Eggs are seen as a potent symbol of life and rebirth, so the egg was adopted by Christians as a symbol of the resurrection of Jesus Christ. The hard shell of the egg represents the tomb.


When the first Chocolate Egg was created?

Fry’s created the first chocolate egg in 1873. The founder, Joseph Fry, started out by selling drinking chocolate in the 1750’s, followed by chocolate bars in the 1860’s. Cadburys followed with their chocolate eggs two years later. The process of creating the chocolate egg was very slow until a method was found of making the liquid into chocolate molds.


Why the Easter Egg Chocolate tastes better than a Chocolate Bar?

This is so true, and I have asked myself that question many times.

Easter egg chocolate is spun more times than normal chocolate, making it thinner so it melts easier when you eat it, thus releasing all of the cocoa notes


Why we have the Easter Bunny?

Bit of a head scratcher this one, but it seems that as rabbits are known to give birth to lots of bunnies (called kittens), this also became a symbol of new life.

It is also legend that the Easter bunny is known to have decorated and hidden the Easter eggs, hence the Easter egg hunt. The first Easter egg hunt was in Germany and dates back to the 16th century. The men would hide the eggs for the women and the children to find


Why we decorate hard boiled eggs?

The egg still represents the tomb of Jesus Christ and therefore we decorate the tomb just as many people decorate tombs and burial areas as a celebration of life, death and rebirth


Why we roll eggs down hills?

Rolling the eggs down a hill is generally a children’s game but it does have a specific meaning of rolling the rocks away from Christ’s tomb.