I have various memories of Easter when I was young as I’m sure many of you do too.
The number of Easter eggs we received depended on whether we stayed with our Mother or our Father over the Easter holidays.

If it was with my Father, then we would get one decent egg each and then maybe a smaller one. There would be no tricking him by trying to get at the chocolate before we were allowed to.

My Mother, on the other hand, saw us maybe once a year or once every 18 months. She had five sisters plus my grandparents, so the Easter eggs were in abundance, at least eight big ones each! They were always lined up on display along the wall unit in the lounge.

The trick here was to open up the egg from the bottom and slide out the plastic casing which held the egg, then you could get to the egg!
I would then carefully split it open and take out the sweets inside.

This was the beginning of the slippery chocolate slope (!) as once I had opened it there was no going back. I would then eat the entire back half of the egg and wrap it all back up so that only the front of the egg would be showing through the box!

My Mother would wonder why I either wouldn’t be hungry for dinner, or why I wouldn’t rush to eat my chocolate eggs!