Here you will find frequently asked questions.

Where can I get the files I want to print?
The special feature of the mycusini® is its implementation as a complete system, complemented by software and the mycusini® 3D Choco Dark. This guarantees immediate success. In the software, the so-called mycusini® Club, there are various applications, so you have access to over 800 tested templates, in the video above you can see some of them. You also have the opportunity to write text messages using different fonts and to draw freely by hand. All your creations are automatically converted into a file suitable for the 3D Choco printing via mycusini® Club. All necessary settings are preset already. So, you do not need any software or CAD knowledge, just writing like in Word or drawing like Doodle.
Which certifications will mycusini get?
mycusini® has a CE certification.
From where does the shipment of the mycusini take place?
The shipment of the mycusini® is made directly from Freising/Germany after passing our quality inspection. Johannes looks at each one closely. It is important to us that each of our representing distributors and agents around the world get a perfect mycusini®.
What is mycusini 3d Choco?
In addition to the technological side, our know-how comes mainly from the food industry. So most of the team studied food technology. The chefs and confectioners in the team complement the experience of the craft side, which is very important for Choco.

Although we paid attention to the stability and speed in the development, the taste always had priority for us. So even professional customers who opt for our Procusini are pleasantly surprised by the taste of our 3D Choco.

mycusini® 3D Choco is a chocolate grease glaze. This means that instead of cocoa butter, other vegetable fats, such as coconut fat, are used so that curing takes place more quickly and thus higher objects can be produced.

This recipe seemed to make more sense for practical use compared to a chocolate that first had to be tempered in a tempering device and then does not cure quickly enough when working with the mycusini®.

The mycusini® 3D Choco was developed in Freising and is also produced and shipped from there.

Why should I use the mycusini 3D Choco Dark?
With mycusini® we would like to give you an opportunity to realize Choco dreams in a simple way. So our 3D Choco does not require temperature control – simply insert it into the mycusini®, preheat briefly and off you go. Also, in taste it is a pleasure, refined with a touch of real vanilla. Each mycusini® comes with a sample pack containing several 3D Choco Dark. Trust us – we are sure you will get the taste.
Is there only mycusini 3D Choco?
At the beginning we start with 3D Choco. However, we plan to expand the product range in the future. We cannot give you an exact date yet. Here we are curious, what feedback we still get from the community and what your favorite food for 3D printing with the mycusini® would be. So that you do not get enough of the mycusini®, we will continue to expand the applications and the template library in the meantime. As mycusini owner you have free access to the mycusini® Club and regular updates.
Can u use my own chocolate?
Our recommendation: Use mycusini® 3D Choco with our guarantee of success. The mycusini® is designed as a complete system. All device and software settings are designed for the use of mycusini® 3D Choco.
Can I use my own STL files?
You can also use your own STL files. Simply uploaded to the mycusini® club. There they are automatically converted.
Are there tutorials or video tutorials for using the mycusini?
The operation of the mycusini® via its integrated display is super easy and understandable thanks to Marcel.The insertion or filling of the mycusini® is very easy due to the specially developed quick-lock in the extruder.Nevertheless, we want to support you with all our strength and have a guidance video and videos with tips and tricks for you.
How fast is the mycusini?
Depending on the application, the speed of the mycusini® are currently between 9.5 and 25 mm / s. We are working continuously on the production speed and its improvement. Thus, we have been able to increase the speed already significantly in recent years. In any case, we still see potential, which is why we diligently optimize further to make the mycusini® more and more attractive to you.
What is behind mycusini's hardware development?
We have developed a printhead here in Freising, which is adapted to the smallest detail to the wishes of consumers. Such a small print head never existed so far for 3D Choco. The lower heatable part can be easily opened without cable clutter thanks to the quick release. Our latest development, the mycusini® stainless steel cartridge is specially designed for Choco 3D printing. With a high heat transfer and the precise tip of 1 mm diameter, it convinces with fast heating and wonderful filigree 3D objects.