The first International Women’s Day was honoured on 8th March 1911, celebrating and honouring the achievements of women across the globe. It is a social and cultural event for women of all different nationalities to come together and celebrate together.


Events like these, including birthdays, weddings and other social or cultural gatherings, can be celebrated in a number of ways; with music, with flowers, with food, with singing and with dancing…… and of course, there is always CHOCOLATE!!


The sharing of chocolate brings people closer together, a bit like the phrase ‘breaking bread’ except it is with chocolate!! You only have to look at a person’s face to see the delight that chocolate can bring. It’s a gift that gives happiness and comfort to everyone.


3dChocolate Hub wishes women around the globe a very, very Happy International Women’s Day!

Enjoy your celebrations!

International Women’s Day 8th March.