mycusini® silicone mat (3 pieces)

AED 99.00

  • Incredibly practical to use. The 3D Choco objects loosen by simply bending the silicone mat and can be removed easily.
  • The smooth silicone surface allows quick and easy cleaning and stands for hygienic cleanliness.
  • Ideal for mini series of 3D choco objects. Simply insert the next mycusini® Silicone Mat and you can continue with the production.

mycusini® Silicone Mat – easily remove your 3D choco objects.

Easy to use

Freshly produced 3D choco objects can still be soft and adhere to the surface at the same time. Tip: simply allow to harden for 2-3 minutes. Afterwards, thanks to the special properties of the mycusini® Silicone Mat, a slight bending is all that is needed to release the 3D Choco object or lettering as if by magic.


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