Procusini 5.0

AED 24,999.00

Procusini® Easy To Use
Ready to go: From the unpacking of your Procusini® until the production of your first object you need less than 15 minutes-without any prior knowledge.

Ready to go in 15 minutes

– Unfold

– Insert Procusini® refill

– Close

– Let’s go!


No cleaning necessary, since the foods in the Procusini® refill do not come into direct contact with Procusini® . The cartridge, stainless steel masher and stainless steel tip are even suitable to be cleaned in the dishwasher of needed.

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3D Food Printer
Procusini® 5.0

NEW: With its integrated display, the Procusini® 5.0 sets a new standard for easy operation. This is our answer to the time pressure in the professional kitchen and the associated need for simple operation. Only choose food and desired object and start – the rest is done from now on by Procusini®. 

Producing an object with the 3D Food Printing System Procusini® 5.0 is really simple. You get the first print within 15 minutes after unpacking the device.

STEP 1: Turn on Procusini® 5.0.

STEP 2: Select the desired food and 3D object.

STEP 3: Start.


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