In my house there is a chocolate thief!


Interestingly, there are no children or pets in our household… So, who could it be?

Usually, you would find it is children that try to break off a little bit more of that chocolate bar you tucked away, out of reach, or cram their hands in the sweetie jar on the kitchen shelf!

For me, I discovered, the thief is my husband!!


He’s a sensible, mature, grown up man! Or so I thought!!

I know he’s the culprit because I keep the Chocolate stocks (or chocolate tin in our case), either full, or at least half full. So……., too easy to identify his crimes!!

Chocolate, for him, is a daily pleasure that is rewarded generally at the end of each day along with a nice cup of coffee.

In my work, I see a number of people who know that I like chocolate and because of this, I tend to regularly receive chocolate as a gift.

My husband see’s these gifts and his eyes widen and his pupils dilate like some sort of addict! Knowing that these gifts are not his, he then waits for me to open the chocolate and sees this as a ‘free for all’!


I have told him many times, that this gift was given to me, therefore it is my gift and it is also my choice to share it whom I like, if I choose to do so.


I’m not a daily chocolate eater, I tend to eat chocolate on the weekend as part of my weekly treat. This means my dear hubby has to wait that little bit longer. However, there are times that I will just put the chocolate in the fridge and not bother with it for a few weeks. This drives my husband mad as he can see it each time he goes for his own daily stash.


Then the manipulation and pressure begin!


First, the odd observation of “Did you know that you still have that chocolate in there?”, or, ‘You haven’t had your chocolate yet”, followed by “Shall I get yours for you?”

If I don’t succumb, a last desperate plea goes something along the lines of “Well it won’t last forever, will it?”, or “Let’s just try it and see what it’s like”!

On and on he goes chipping away, trying to get me to open the ‘special’ chocolate.

Eventually, of course his tactics work and I end up opening the chocolate so that ‘we’ can share it.


Now I have started to hide my chocolate so that I can enjoy my special chocolate gift in peace, on my own, when he is out of the house!