Wake Up and Smell the Chocolate!

There is nothing quite like the aroma of freshly brewed coffee, home baked bread and following closely behind, if not side by side, ‘Chocolate’

Cadbury’s opened their own Chocolate Crumb factory on the banks of the River Blackwater in Rathmore, County Kerry in 1948, taking advantage of the Irish milk produced on the lush green pastures of Munster, using 75 million litres of fresh milk every year. Cocoa is generously mixed with milk as well as sugar to form a chocolate liquor which is then evaporated to make a chocolate crumb. When my brother, Speedy, and I were small, my father, who had a small haulage business at the time would be contracted to transport tons of this bagged crumb to the main processing factory in Coolagh, outside Dublin, maybe 150 miles away. Over the summer holidays Mam would allow us both to do the trips with him. My, I will never forget the chocolate aroma wafting through that factory yard and thousands of tons of pleasure my father has transported into many a home for all those years!


Just before Christmas last year, 2020, I spent many months of research looking for chocolate factories in the region that could make large quantities of chocolate in cigar shaped moulds for 3d chocolate printers that are sold in Virgin Megastores across the UAE. These brilliant mycusini® 3D printers can be used to print one’s own chocolate messages, names and objects for both bakers and home chefs. As I drove through the security gates at the BMB chocolate factory in Dubai Investments Park, the inhalation of that wonderful chocolate aroma transported me back to the banks of the Blackwater valley once again.

Thank you mycusini® at Virgin Megastores, for giving me these moments of pleasure!!