Travelling through space with Captain James T Kirk, Dr Spock et al, at warp speed factor ten, avoiding black holes, but zipping through time tunnels encountering more than one troublesome alien! Ah, almost as good as Dr Who and the Daleks!


But do you remember how they ate? No need for chefs on the Starship Enterprise, the crew just rustled up something for dinner with the ships Replicator! Remember that? A futuristic machine able to turn any molecule into any edible food the crew desired!

Maybe not so futuristic. There are many innovations today already offered by different manufacturers such as ‘3D Systems’, ‘ChefJet’, ‘Foodini’, ‘Chef3D’, and now ‘procusini®’ and its younger brother, mycusini®.

The developers of procusini® and mycusini® have for the last three years, perfected the process so that you, in your own home, can print chocolate sweets, personal messages, birthday surprises, Ramadan wishes…. whatever you want! It took a while, it’s not easy! The first results of 3D chocolate printing, were not spectacular, but the development of technology, especially FDM, has helped perfect the process. Now you have procusini® and mycusini® for domestic, or professional use, to help you specialise in the production of personal, or corporate unique creations.

If we take a look back at those very first Star Trek episodes and subsequent movies, we can perhaps now, be inspired in this technological age, to take the many opportunities to use the technology in the food industry. Many companies have recognised these opportunities and are taking advantage of 3D printing, but procusini® and mycusini® are the front runners in 3D chocolate creations.

So, what are you waiting for…?

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