There are many dates/celebrations in our calendar that we don’t always celebrate as we seem to be overloaded in recent years.

 Now, I’m all for celebrating but I tend to still only remember the main events that we grew up with.

After all, who really wants their Mother to be calling them at the end of the Mothering Sunday asking if they remembered and if they didn’t, then why?



Mothering Sunday is one of those important dates that we should never forget.

However, it doesn’t fall on the same date each year, something to do with the Lunar calendar of 354 days and not the usual 365 days.

Also, it’s the reason why Easter changes dates each year. Something I have tried to get my head around but still fail to understand!

 How many times have you heard someone say…What date is Mother’s Day this year? Nobody ever knows!

 As kids we were reminded each year when it was, and I remember being very frustrated that we only bought a card and flowers.

Obviously, we couldn’t eat either of those! So where was the chocolate?

 Maybe it’s something to do with UK Mothering Sunday also being the 4th Sunday of lent.

If we were taking lent seriously (or if Mother was) then she would only have ever accepted daffodils for her Spring Mother’s Day bouquet.

So, yes, Mother’s Day is connected to Easter and is always celebrated 21 days prior to Easter Sunday.

 On reflection and with a calendar, I could have worked out the date of either one for myself!